Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dima kandalaft

Birth name              Dima kandalaft
Birth date                February 26th, 2011
Birth place               Syria
Occupation              Actress and Singer

Life and Career
Dima Kandalaft is appearing in four television series airing in Ramadan 2011. According to, she is currently shooting her scenes in the series “Al Infijar” (Explosion), written by Osama Kokesh and directed by Osama Hamad.

The Syrian actress has also joined the cast of the series “Al Sarab” (The Mirage), written by Najib Nasir and Hasan Sami Yousef, directed by Marwan Barakat, and starring Bassam Koussa, Nesrine Tafish, Bassel Khayat, and Qays Sheikh Najib.

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